RFID tags and barcode labels are a very important part of RFID/barcode technology implementation in Your companies processes. If there is no marking on tracked assets, the marking information is incorect or labels are hard to read, the whole system will work incorrectly if work at all. Often this means that companies have to print their labels themselves, no matter if these companies specialize in manufacturing, logistics or public sectore.

Our automated data collection solutions include RFID tags and/or barcode labels and all equipment to design and print them.

For more information about Your marking solution please contact info@dsprojektai.lt.

RFID tags

More and more companies around the world turn to RFID when they want to integrate automated data collection. More and more fields of business recognize all the benefits that RFID technology can provide. It is not suprising, that RFID tags have various shapes in order to meet one or the other requirement:

  • Simple paper or polypropylene labels/tags (possibility to add additional visual information - like pictures or text - and barcodes);
  • Special tags designed to work on metal;
  • RFID tags - seals;
  • Windshield tags -specially designed for car marking;
  • ...

NiceLabel label printing software is a great tool for RFID tag printing and encoding.

For more information about RFID tags please contact info@dsprojektai.lt.

Barcode labels

Whether company uses barcodes for internal purposes or for GS1 approved markings, this means large amounts of labels with different information on them. The best way to solve this problem - to print lebels Yourselves.

We can offer You various barcode label solution for both indoor and outdoor uses.

NiceLabel label printing software is a great tool for barcode label printing.

For more information about barcode labels please contact: info@dsprojektai.lt.