To reach the client. This is what every product has to face. Be what it may – a can of soda or a new car.

And today when business world moves faster than ever before, product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter – first impression is vital.

Innostand helps to create an innovative, interactive and more complete product delivery experience within the first touch of the product.

Even more, acquiring precise feedback information, Innostand table lets you get a tighter grasp on your clients’ needs.

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Innostand is a product stand designed to deliver a fun and interactive way for Your companies product presentation. When Your client picks something up from the table, RFID technology signals about it to the built-in computer. This computer can show all the information linked to that certain product (like short movies, music and simply images and text) in a touchscreen monitor. This way of product presentation can be great for both Your client and Your company:

For Your clients:

  • Extended possibilities. Innostand software lets producers put a lot more detailed information about their products, than on a very limited product packaging.
  • Easy to navigate. Time is precious. Access what is important – skip unnecessary.
  • Take it away with you.Product details, market share information and much more can be sent to the client via e-mailinstantly.
  • Ecological. Paperless advertising.
  • Multilanguagesupport. Innostand software is compatible with many languages. Choose at your convenience.
  • Interactive & fun.

For You:

  • Innovative marketing. In a fraction of a secondprovide your client with multimedia rich product related information in an attractive way.
  • Accurate feedback. Innostand tracks clients’ activities and provides business with precise information on their clients’ needs.
  • Utilise multimedia possibilities. Enrich your product presentations with texts, graphics, movies & otherdiverse multimedia elements.
  • Financial benefits. Reduce costs on consulting and direct advertising.