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MIVS - assets tracking

Every company has its inventory (computers, furniture, office equipment etc.). Some have more, some less. Quite often management of these assets can cause additional problems, which could be avoided.

A lot of additional information is needed for inventory administrators to manage inventory in the most efficient way. But it is very inconvenient to carry a computer through the offices while searching for some specific item. Also it is not easy and takes a lot of time to find the specific inventory and to match its information.

UAB DS Projektai specialises in warehousing and assets management solutions. For assets management we offer solutions involving modern technologies. Small and convenient handheld computer will let You take all the information with You, and RFID technology will help you easily and efficiently identify Your items. You can see some of the MIVS mobile module functions in this video.

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Many employees use the company’s equipment and even more of them have access to it, so sometimes it may become hard to keep track of all of the company’s assets. This lack of accuracy can cause unaccounted inventory loses. MIVS inventory system can help you deal with this. The benefits include:

  • Quickly identify missing or misplaced assets;
  • Decrease the time it takes to conduct complete inventories;
  • Eliminate the old “pen-and-paper” inventory approach and time consuming asset searches;
  • Reduce the costly human errors by eliminating reliance on manual input and inefficiencies in asset tracking and reporting;
  • Due to RFID technology there is no need to be in direct line of sight: inventory tags can be read through various items, so there will be no need to crawl under desks or open cabinets;
  • Database independent. Integrates with any database of ERP system.

RFID technology gives a great boost in assets management efficiency when compared with standard paper or barcode technology based systems. MIVS system eliminates time-consuming, labour-intensive, error-prone processes and gives detailed accounts of the location and status of each piece of equipment, enabling companies to streamline operations and better plan for the future.

It can be a iventory management data collection add on for you ERP system or it can be an stand alone assets management system. Either way, the information you have about your company's assets will always be on time and acurate.

You ca reach the system anytime from anywhere:

  • System is installed on the server;
  • Every client logs into the system via internet browser;
  • User can manage all the inventory he is responsible for..

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Flexibility of MIVS software configuration possibilities lets it fulfill the needs of various clients. Wide possibilities for data transfer will be suitable for various ERP systems.


MIVS system’s distinct feature is that implements what is best in both RFID and barcode technologies. RFID technology lets you scan lots of inventory tags at the same time. Moreover, it does not need direct line of sight to read an RFID tag.



Mobile handheld terminal already has all the information needed to identify inventory, so now you can make inventory assignments on the spot. They, just as inventory counts, will be transferred to You ERP system right after You finish the current procedure.