Company, which has a 1 % possibility for error can spend over 13000 Eur just to correct the mistakes of its employees. That is equl to 30 work days of one employee.

Often it is hard to imagine, how much some simple mistake can cost. We are not talking about serious, huge losses causing mistakes. These are easy to identify, easy to foresee and to prepare for them as best as possible or to even evade them. We are talking about the small mistakes, which are sometimes not taken into consideration. It seams, that few wrong bills or not exactly correctly picked shipment cannot make a big difference, especially when most orders are processed correctly.


Lets take a small company with a small warehouse (3 employees working in the warehouse, 2 in administration and two in management). On average, hourly salary for these employees is: 14 Eur for warehouse workers and administrators, and 26 Eur for managers.

Usually this company has many small orders (about 600 orders per week with just a couple of lines per order). Warehouse workers are quite experienced and from 100 orders 99 are processed correctly (error probability 1%). On average, correcting a mistake in shipping (wrong parcel sent) takes about:

  • 23 min for warehouse worker;
  • 8 min for manager;
  • 6 min for administrator.

This means, that correction of one mistake costs 40.28 Eur (including 30 Eur bill for re-shipping).

On average, correct an error in the bill takes:

  • 8 min for manager;
  • 6 min for administration.

This means, that to correct one mistake the company spends about 4.87 Eur.

The bottom line is, that company spends 12988.80 Eur just to correct the mistakes of its own employees. That is, company employees spend 30.6 work days doing nothing, but correcting their own mistakes.

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General information:

Number of employees Average salary per hour (Eur)
Warehouse workers

Errors in shipping:

Duration (min)
Receiving of misplaced shipment (warehouse workers)
Return to warehouse(warehouse workers)
Order re-picking (warehouse workers)
Shipping cost (Eur)
Contacting the client (manager)
Receiving document management (administrator)
Creating new shipping documents (administrator)

Errors in writing bills:

Duration (min)
Contacting client (manager)
Editing information in Your ERP system (administrator)
Preparation of new documents (administrator)

Average number of errors (per month):

Error in shipping
Error in billing



This web-page gives only very rough calculations. Usually real losses are a lot bigger, since here we do not consider company name, client loyalty or other more factors which would be more complicated to define. UAB "DS Projektai" does not take responsibility for actions made based on these calculations.