RFID technology

RFID is dedicated to assets marking and tracking. It is based on radio frequency electromagnetic wave's use to read/write information into/from objects RFID tag. These operation are done using RFID readers antennas.

  • Written information can be changed;
  • No need for direct line of sight for reading/writing;
  • More durable;
  • More information can be encoded inside a tag;
  • Can read many tags at once;
  • Fewer mistakes.
  • Drawbacks:
  • Highly reliable on surroundings;
  • Not fully standardized.




    For more information please contact info@dsprojektai.lt

    Barcode technology

    Barcode technology is similar to RFID in its use - assets marking and tracking, but differs in approach. Barcode technology is based on visual information (usually, parallel bars of certain thickness and at certain distances from each other). Barcode can be read using optical lasers.

  • It is a standard for assets tracking throughout the world;
  • Fewer mistakes;
  • Data collection automatization;
  • Easily implemented.
  • Drawbacks:
  • Direct line of sight is necessary;
  • Can read only one barcode ar a time;
  • Less durable.




    For more information please contactinfo@dsprojektai.lt